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45mm Rotary Cutter

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Our 45mm rotary cutters are made of premium raw material and contain a high-quality SKS-7 steel blade ensuring a precise cut with each pass.  The safety latch retracts the blade to disengage, keeping you and your family safe.  It also comes with 2 replacement blades packaged in a protective case.  This rotary cutter is the perfect addition to your sewing supplies and will be the last cutter that you will ever need.

  • Complete your craft projects quickly and efficiently

    • Gone are the days of only using scissors for fabric cutting and inefficient crafting practices.  Take your crafting projects to the next level with our 45mm rotary cutter.  This innovative fabric cutter allows you to cut through multiple layers of fabric, paper, vinyl, leather, felt, plastic, and more and will save you so much time!  You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever went without one.

  • Sharp and Durable

    • Our 45mm blades are made with SKS-7 steel allowing the cutter to cut through materials precisely and effortlessly.  Great quality and easy to change out the blades… our blades can be installed on both sides of the rotary cutter, perfect for both right- and left-handed users.

  • Improve Productivity

    • Our ergonomic rotary cutter is designed for efficiency and comfort.  The handle is curved to provide minimum wrist turns.  The anti-slip rubber grip eliminates hand exhaustion and strain, while the trigger allows the blade to self-retract for safety. Cutter can accommodate 45mm rotary replacement and decorative blades.

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